Jansons and the Concertgebouw in first Barbican Bruckner concert

‘How might we define an ‘Amsterdam sound’? We generalise freely about the characteristic sound of Berlin, with its red-hot fervour, or London, that “ne plus ultra”  of crystalline perfection; where do our illustrious Dutch brethren come into all this?

Judging by the first concert of the Concertgebouw’s high-profile Barbican residency with their chief conductor Mariss Jansons, it is, if anything, somewhere between the two. If any music is sufficiently apt to show off an orchestra’s pedigree, Mozart and Bruckner fit the bill splendidly. Mozart’s Violin Concerto no. 3 in G major (with Frank Peter Zimmermann) and Bruckner’s “Romantic”  Symphony no. 4, we saw an orchestra capable by turns of elegant restraint and then of fearsome depth and power, sound kaleidoscopic under Jansons’s mercurial, unassuming direction. What a shame, then, that some unfortunate technical errors and interpretative missteps from both soloist and Jansons meant the performance didn’t excite quite as much as one would hope from this elite ensemble.’

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